Being in control

For me, it was when I tried to make everything perfect and as the result ended up to control the outcome of decisions and actions, and not necessarily just mine. It was the time that all my actions were based on seeking approval and showing how good and knowledgeable I was. The time that I had little trust in myself and my true abilities and potentials—seeking knowledge to demonstrate that “I knew.”

 The sense of “Self”

However, over the years, as I learn more about who I truly am, getting to know “ME” I do not have to prove anything to anyone any longer. Getting to know myself, not only I am learning about my infinite potentials, but also learning to trust—trusting myself, others, as well as the universe. I’ve come to recognize that everyone is learning as I am—some are further along on the path in one area and others in another—no one is ahead or behind anyone else.

Who are you in control of?

Recognizing this point should eliminate the judgment, both of the self and others. However, it’s easier said than done. One has to be constantly and consciously aware of her/his thoughts, actions and words. Not an easy process, but a way that allows you to let go of control and as the result reduce the sense of stress you may feel—recognizing that you are really not in control of anything or anyone else but you, your thoughts, your actions, and your words.

Aazam Irilian, is an artist with a mission to heal and the founder of heal the heart. She is a Transformation coach and helps others to uncover their blocks and overcome life challenges in order to move forward in life, personally and professionally. Her process of combining visualization and creativity, allows participants to relax and clear their mind, in order to identify solutions toward achieving best result for personal and professional growth.

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