heartful Life Journey

heal-the-heart-expandedheart-aazam-irilianA six weeks course, in which each workshop is a practical and powerful way to encourage mental and emotional clarity for deeper understanding of one’s self and your life’s journey.

The outcome is a beautiful and unique book that is the compilation of personal stories, reflections and authentic artistic expressions about you and your life.

The course combines the creative process (art making), guided visualization and creative writing as tools to explore your inner strengths and the wisdom you have gained from your life journey. That journey does not end with the past or present but extends into the future as you devise your plans and take action toward achieving a future that only you can imagine.

heARTful Life Journey Course

The course is made of six workshops @$395.00

Self discovery is difficult but if your open to it, it can be so rewarding and can heal your broken spirits. My thoughts are calm and my heart is a little more at peace.

Adrea Dillon

Life Path; past and present

Our experiences shape our perceptions and outlook on life. In many cases, memories of the past block us from moving forward and disregard the wisdom we have gained.

In this workshop you

  • Learn to value your experiences and acknowledge your expertise.
  • Engaged in the creative process, marking your journey to the present, identifying the wisdom gained.

For those taking the complete course, this piece will be the first page of your heartfelt Life Journey book

Expanded Heart: Love letters

Rather than being judgmental, criticizing every step we take, self-compassion allows us to be kinder to ourselves and practice acceptance of who we are. It leads us to be able to cultivate inner peace and practice empathy toward ourselves as we do for others.

In this workshop you will

  • Learn how to practice self-compassion and cultivate inner peace.
  • Reconnect with your inner wise and silence the critical voice.
  • Engaged in the creative process and translate your wisdom into a masterpiece to take home with you.

The Wise, The Courageous, The Visionary

So many of us go through life, thinking that the “grass is greener on the other side of the fence.” We become mesmerized by the stories shared with us, and wish to be living the life of the storyteller. We compare, and thanks to the critical voice, we come short and see ourselves as “less than.” In reality, we each are capable of achieving great things and having the life we desire—the life that is UNIQUE TO US.

During this session you

  • Recognize and value the treasures you embody
  • Practice self-empathy and compassion
  • Create an art piece representing your individuality and uniqueness

Warrior Self

Going through life we overcome many challenges and roadblocks. We never stop to acknowledge and understand our inner strengths (gems within) and power while being overwhelmed with challenges.

This workshop helps you to

  • Reconnect with the warrior within
  • Recognize the gems within and acknowledge your wisdom
  • Create a warrior mask, to claim and embody your inner power

Possibilities Envisioned

As children, our passions and dreams are within reach and possibilities infinite. And then, life happens! Our dreams are pushed to the side and somehow forgotten as we become entangled with life.

Possibilities Envisioned is a workshop that helps you to

  • Reawaken the dream and rekindle the passion you once felt.
  • Envision your desired future, fulfilling the dream
  • Create a unique art piece, declaring your visions and goals.

Moving Forward

A desired future is only possible through action. During this workshop, you set the wheels in motion through

  • Declaring your vision
  • Setting achievable goals and realistic timeline
  • Designing a customized plan of action

For those who have participated in the complete course, this piece marks the completion of your heartfelt Life Journey book. However, your journey to create your desired future is just beginning.

I learned a lot about myself as a person.Some things that I wouldn’t even learn in therapy.I would like to share this [workshop] and maybe do this in the valley.

Sharon Mahseredjian

heal the heart workshops and courses are for educational purposes only and are not intended as therapy or a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions. Participants are responsible for their own well-being and to seek professional support if and when necessary.