At War With A Shopping Cart!?

heal the heart-stress managementA couple of weeks ago, entering a local Trader Joe’s, I noticed a young woman trying to unstock a shopping cart so she could go in and do her shopping. With her two kids next to her, she was at a tug and war with this cart, which was not giving in. And off course, she looked frustrated, getting angrier with each failed attempt.

I stepped back, frozen in my place, transported to many years earlier when I was going through the same experience—allowing a shopping cart to fulfill its mission—getting another busy woman more frustrated. I was now her and she was me!

I could feel the tension in her body, her jaw being tight, her face red and she, ready to burst into tears.


I can do it all!heal the heart-aazam irilian

Watching her triggered in me the memories of my “dark days”, where everything in my life was ran by stress, pushing me deeper and deeper into a dark hole I refuse to call depression. When I was always running, trying to take care of everyone and everything—the days I felt responsible for it all. It did not matter if they were small or large tasks, I was the only one who could do them and the only one who could get them done the right way—sounds familiar?

I stood back and took a deep breath—I had worked so hard to overcome those moments of frustration. It was not an easy process to accept that Idid not have to be perfect and that everything did not have to be done in perfection. Recognizing that others were also capable of doing a good job and in some cases maybe even better than what I could.

Accepting the fact that I was really not performing at my best in everything. Because I was juggling too many things, I was forgetting things while rushing to get them done—too busy and no time to pay attention to details—that drove me crazy and made me feel like a failure inside.

aazam irilian- heal the heartAre you really buying into this?

I took another deep breath, I could feel blood rushing to my face just thinking about those days. Another deep breath, a sense of compassion falls over me. I wish I could step in, give her a hug and calm her down a bit. I wish, I could share my story and process of my healing with her.

I wish I could reach more women through heal  the  heart™, for them to recognize that trying to be this “super woman” or “super mom” is a false image that we’re being fed by the society/media. We are already perfect as we are! We do not need to put ourselves, and our loved ones through this to prove that we are doing our best. We really do not need prove anything to anyone. We just need to do and be our best! 



Aazam Irilian, is an artist with a mission to heal and the founder of heal the heart. She is a Transformation coach and helps others to uncover their blocks and overcome life challenges in order to move forward in life, personally and professionally. Her process of combining visualization and creativity, allows participants to relax and clear their mind, in order to identify solutions toward achieving best result for personal and professional growth.

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