2016 was a year of abundance and growth, filled with travels and joyful news.

It was the year to expand my wings, immerse myself in my creativity and answer the call to use this creativity to empower others—more specifically other Women.

@ heal the heART

It is an amazing feeling to have the opportunity to answer when the universe calls. I answered its call at the beginning of 2016, thus, heal the heART was born.

What a ride! In this process I met many wonderful people in my community and had the chance to reengage in several organizations, which their missions are close to my heart.

My vision for heal the heART is to empower women so they can transform their lives as I have done. For this work, I have combined my passion, creativity, with my calling, to heal social and emotional wounds.

Through workshops and courses I offer, I’ve had the chance to work with so many amazing women who are overcoming life challenges, are at the point of professional and/or personal life transition, or just simply want to find themselves.


I also had the great pleasure to start a partnership with the SCV Domestic Violence Center. Together we have started a mentoring program in support of the DV survivors who are ready to proceed to the next phase of their lives. Through participating in a special heal the heART course, women form the community, build relationships with the survivors and act as mentors to support their growth, achieving their goals and moving forward in life.

In 2017, heal the heart is expanding its DV mentoring program to other centers. In addition to more workshops I am offering the first heal the heART retreat, which, you will learn more about later.

Keep in touch

Please visit healtheheart.com and follow me on FB @aazamirilianhealtheheart for most up to date info and upcoming workshops, retreats and courses.